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Staff Members
The name of the personnel's and photo etc are also given below. All the staffs are highly qualified and well trained. They are playing vital role in development of the business as well as the progress of the institution. Their team sprit, hard working habits and behavior to customers etc helped us to improve day by day. Its result the increasing of working capital and total business. The overdue position of the bank to total loan outstanding is below 3%. For the last 5-6 years we are keeping the same position.
Name Description Telephone
K. Gopinathan
M.Com HDC and Diploma in Co-operative Business Management 0494-2563425
K.G. Vasantha
A.P. Chandrika
Mr. K. Gopinathan Master
Tirur - 2
Director 0494-2562918
V. Krishnan   0494-2602205
N. Ashraf   0494-2563440
N.V. Asok Kumar   0494-2563468
M. Mallika   0494-2440300
K. Janardhanan   0494-2562029
M.G. Anitha   0494-2428345
K.P. Sheela   0494-2567361
M.Ushakumari   0494-2562869
K. Ganasan   0494-2563571
N.P. Fousia   0494-2567893
N. Beena   0494-2567475
T. Sanjeev Kumar Field Staff 0494-2562540
C. Manikandan Field Staff 0494-2567217
P. Shinod Field Staff 0494-2567217
K.P. Krishnan Field Staff  
P. Padmanabhan Field Staff 0494-2563195 (P.P)
Our Activities
  • We are issuing Agricultural Loan
  • Non Agricultural Loan
  • Medium Term Loan and Gold Loan
  • W e are distributing all agricultural inputs
  • The bank is providing business loan