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Our Activities
The Purathur Service Co-operative Bank is one of the Class I Bank and we are playing a vital role in the agriculture and economic sector of the rural area
  • We are issuing Agricultural Loan, Non Agricultural Loan, Medium Term Loan and Gold Loan to the farmers and also to the public.
  • We are distributing all agricultural inputs and there is an Agro Centre in the Main Centre of the Grama Panchayath (Kavilakkad).
  • We are procuring and Marketing agricultural commodities and help the farmers to get better price.
  • One Copra dryer is running under the bank and we constructed a godown near the dryer with the help of I.C.D.P. The Godown and Drier are situated in the Main point of the Grama Panchayath (behind the village office).
  • We are distributing all items of consumer goods through Neethi Store and conducting Festival Markets and Student Market in seasons. Food grain items and other consumer articles at subsidized rate are supplying to the consumers as State Govt agency. Thus the bank has an important role in the public distributing system.
  • The bank offers Kissan Credit Cards and providing Short Term Agricultural loan at concessional rate of interest.
  • Besides we are providing Gold Loan up to 3 lakhs at a low interest rate.
  • The bank is providing business loan, vehicle loan, etc up to Rs.5 lakhs.
  • We are providing Revolving fund to Self help Group, Kudambasree and Mahila Group.
  • Recently a Farmers Club has organized with the help of NABARD and programmes chalked out to develop the cultivation of all types of crops. The “Nila Farmers Club” under our Bank is functioning and groups of farmers are deputed for training in connection with production of Organic Fertilizer
  • The Bank provides all banking facilities and accepting all types of deposits at high rate of interest.

Our Activities
  • We are issuing Agricultural Loan
  • Non Agricultural Loan
  • Medium Term Loan and Gold Loan
  • W e are distributing all agricultural inputs
  • The bank is providing business loan